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F8 2017: Surround 360 Cameras Revealed, Sharing Your VR Game Moments & More

Day 2 at F8 2017 and there’s an array of stories that have dropped. Nina goes through them.

It’s Day 2 at Facebook’s tenth annual F8 conference, and after a Day 1 that focused strongly on all things augmented reality (AR) related, VRTV’s Nina is back to discuss a Wednesday full of virtual reality (VR) news – but one big on 360 degrees. 

There’s new hardware in the form of two new Facebook Surround 360 cameras and partnerships with Framestore and Giroptic – the latter leading to a surprise for all F8 attendees. Whilst other organisations have been giving their own announcements.  There’s also news of a new Facebook SDK that will allow you to share your best VR game moments on the social media platform.

Check it out below and for more information on everything mentioned within the video across VRFocusclick here.


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