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Facebook Growing AR Functionality with ARstudio

The tool is available now.

Today’s F8 conference has started the some big announcements in the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) space. Facebooks CEO announced the launch of a new AR platform in closed beta, and Rachel Franklin, Head of Social VR has revealed the early access launch of Facebook Spaces. Deb Liu, VP of Platform & Marketplace, also came onstage to unveil a tool designed for developers, ARstudio.

ARstudio is a piece of software that aims to help developers build AR functionality for Facebook as easily as possible. Liu said: “It allows you to create animated masks and effects that respond to actual motion and data.”

The tool features real-time face tracking so that devs can create a mask to fit any face, with the mask able to respond to a users facial motions like nodding or opening their mouth. The software also allows users to pan and tilt inside a video game.

It can also enable real-time data to be added to a video – such as live score results from a football match for example. This can also be added to live video and to gifs. Facebook has teamed up with GIPHY to launch a service soon, Liu said: “So you can take this effect and it does something really interesting, it actually responds to the interactions of viewers. So when someone takes a hashtag, or votes by poll, you can actually make it respond in the video itself.”

ARstudio is available now for developers to start building with. VRFocus will be at F8 for the entire conference so stay tuned for further updates and announcements.

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