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Facebook, HTC and Intel Among Biggest Investors in VR

New report by Quid shows who is investing and providing jobs in the VR sector.

Several industry reports have indicated that the virtual reality (VR) sector is undergoing tremendous growth, with some indications that revenues from VR and augmented reality will approach $24 billion (USD) by the end of 2017. A report from analytics company Quid has revealed who the biggest investors in VR technology and industry are.

As indicated by the F8 developer conference last week, Facebook are heavily involved with the future of VR and AR. In terms of corporate acquisition, Facebook top the table; the social media giant already own Oculus, and are rapidly acquiring other companies in the VR and AR areas, acquisitions that are estimated to be worth $2.16 billion. Facebook are also working on AR technology, the new Facebook Spaces social VR application.

The report by Quid also notes that the amount of jobs relating to the VR sector that are posted on LinkedIn has tripled over the past year, and while LinkedIn hardly represents every open position available in the Vr industry, they di give an indication of the scale involved. Facebook again have the most number of VR-related positions available, with 86 positions available, mostly under the Oculus brand. Cybercoders, Intel and Nokia come in much lower, with Cybercoders having 24 positions open, and Intel and Nokia having 20 each. The majority of available jobs are based in the US, followed by the UK, then Germany and India.

For venture capital, Rothenberg Ventures has been the most involved, with 32 seperate investments made in to the VR industry. The highest level of corporate investment came from HTC Vive X, who made 28 investments, with Intel not far behind.

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