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Fierce Kaiju Confirm Gear VR Controller Support for Viral: Quarantine

The mobile title is due to launch later this month.

Last October VRFocus reported on British virtual reality (VR) developer Fierce Kaiju returning to Samsung Gear VR to update its Viral franchise. Viral: Quarantine is a remix of the original, this time adding less linear gameplay and more weapon options. The studio has also revealed to VRFocus that Viral: Quarantine will support the new Gear VR Controller.

Paul Colls, the Creative Director of Fierce Kaiju, confirmed the controller support at the recent VR World Congress (VRWC) event in Bristol, UK. While Viral: Quarantine can still utilise the headset’s touchpad to play, the controller adds that extra level of immersion by allowing players to move the shooting reticule quickly and completely separate from their head movements.

Viral Quarantine screenshot_7 “We took cues from pinball tables,” said Colls, on how the title differs from its predecessor. “We loved how one table provides many avenues to play and score. With that we decided to build huge feature rich arenas rather than smaller stages, but all the while still being instantly accessible and fun to play.”

On top of the controller support, Fierce Kaiju will also release an update soon after launch adding a new mode to Viral: Quarantine, designed specifically for Oculus Rooms and Parties for friends to compete against one another.

Viral: Quarantine once again puts players in the role of Ragnarok the Anti-Virus. Doing the bidding of the sentient AI known as E.V.E, Ragnarok has now been sent to quarantine – a place viruses are kept before deletion – and while waiting to hopefully return to the computer mainframe decides to kill some time in the usual fashion. The video game now features far more open worlds to play through, rather than the compact corridors of Viral. Players will also have the use of several new weapons, including a headset controlled missile and a telekinetic ability to pick enemies up and fling them into each other.

Checkout the new launch trailer below, and for further updates on Viral: Quarantine and Fierce Kaiju, keep reading VRFocus.

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