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Fight the Robot Rebellion in VRobot

New VR title from Luden.io due to go Early Access in Spring 2017.

In case you didn’t fancy smashing up cities as a giant monster, developer Luden.io offer the opportunity to instead smash up cities as a giant robot, and this time, that’s a good thing!

VRobot is set in a future where driverless cars and robots have taken over the cities and sent the hapless human populations fleeing. The humans then built a special Giant Robot that can defeat the rebellious machines, clean up the cities and help the humans reclaim their homes.

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In this case ‘clean’ mostly translates into ‘destroy’. The giant robot protagonist has a range of tools such as a tractor beam and even a tornado maker to help accomplish this task.


The robot itself looks appropriately enough like it has a VR headset for a face and has a range of tools such as a tractor beam and even a tornado maker to help accomplish the task of city destruction. There is even a nemesis character, the SuperRobot 3000 that, like everything else, needs to be destroyed.

There are some mysteries to be solved within the VRobot world, however. There is the chance to investigate what exactly happened before the robots flooded the cities and drove the human population out. There is also the question of the mysterious black hole in the sky which they player can also choose to look into.


The videogame is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch, since it uses tracked motion controllers as input. The release date has not yet been confirmed, but the developer hopes it will be ready for Steam Early Access release sometime in Spring 2017. A price point has not yet been set, but the development team confirm the price for the Early Access version and full version will remain the same.

Luden.io are keen to involve the community in the development of the game, so will be hosting development livestreams and Steam discussion forums once VRobot is released into Early Access.

Further information is available on the Steam store page, and a trailer for VRobot is available to watch below.

VRFocus will bring you updates on VRobot and other Early Access VR projects when they come in.

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