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Finnair use VR to Promote New A350 Fleet

Finnair and content creators There Is No Spoon have teamed up to create a high-flying VR experience.

Taking an airplane to get somewhere has become routine for many of us. Whether it is going on holiday, visiting family or friends or a business trip, time spent in the air is not something travellers tend to pay that much attention to. Finnish airline Finnair are wanting to change that by reminding passengers of the wonder of flight using virtual reality (VR).

The VR experience created by VR content creators There Is No Spoon was designed to show off the features of the new Airbus A350 fleet of aircraft in a way that lets people forget that they are standing on solid ground.

The Finnir experience first debuted at Slush 2016 to considerable acclaim and has toured several trade events since. Visitors to those events have been able to don a HTC Vive headset and be shown VR experiences such as standing on the wing of an A350 as it soars through the air.

Finnair have been using the experience to display the new features of the A350, such as the advanced air conditioning system which uses HEPA filters to keep the air clean, fresh and healthy for passengers, or the new lighting systems which can reproduce a range of colours that can be tailored to fit the destination, season or time of day.

A video that shows the reactions of people trying out the experience can be viewed below. The Finnair experience itself is available at various trade shows all over the world, and a mobile VR version is expected to be available soon. Further information can be found at the There Is No Spoon website.

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