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Gnomee’s Egg Hunt Brings AR To Retail

AR Easter Egg Hunt available at British Land sites throughout the UK.

In a follow-up to the successful Christmas augmented reality (AR) game, British Land are launching a new AR Easter Egg hunt for shoppers at it’s locations called Gnomee’s Egg Hunt.

British Land are a UK company that own and operates 21 retails sites around the country. The company previously worked with developer Harmony Studios to create Freezy’s Christmas Adventure over the Christmas Holiday period of 2016, where children and adults could follow the clues, help snowman Freezy overcome various obstacles and recover Santa’s presents.

The new AR game can be played at 18 different regional and local shopping centres, where shoppers can download a free app to smartphone or tablet and follow a five-step trail to find the eggs to complete the hunt. The app incorporates a selfie feature for participants to celebrate their success and there is also an opportunity to enter a competition where prizes such as shopping vouchers, iPads and toys are available to be won.

The introduction of AR to British Land sites is a response to the changing way people live their lives. The company hopes that by introducing new features such as AR will enhance the experience for consumers and make British Land shopping centres a preferred location.

The app is called myMall and is available for download now on compatible iOS and Android devices. Gnomee’s Egg Hunt is the second part in a planned four-part partnership between Harmony Studios and British Land.

VRFocus will bring you news on further updates to myMall as they come in.

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