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Google Daydream gets new Space Shooter with Polaris

14 levels of arcade space shooter action comes to Google Daydream

Space-based games are popular in virtual reality (VR) both as realistic simulation titles and for more arcade-based action titles. New Google Daydream title Polaris takes aim for the second category to bring arcade space shooter action to the platform.

The object is fairly simple; the player must shoot down enemy spacecraft, using the ‘space radar’ system to seek out incoming vessels, using the direction, distance and altitude indicators to decide on tactics. The player controls which direction the weapons point with the simple method of turning their head in the right direction – which includes upwards and downwards – then using the Daydream controller to correct the aim and fire.

The developer, Awesome Enterprises, has designed the title from the ground up for the Google Daydream, and made sure that it was very well-optimised for most Android smartphones, boasting of minimum battery usage and heat generation as well as a high framerate. Polaris was benchmarked using an ZTE Axon 7, which didn’t produce any heat warnings during testing, and only used 20% battery when played for an hour.

Polaris has 14 levels containing six different enemy types, comprising almost two hours of gameplay. The title is available exclusively for Google Daydream at a price of £4.99 (GBP)

The official gameplay trailer can be viewed below. Further information can be found on the Google Play Store page.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Polaris and other Google Daydream titles when it becomes available.

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