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Google Tilt Brush Gets Art Gallery Alongside New Updates

Google Tilt Brush gets social features as well as new lighting controls and workspace.

Google’s virtual reality (VR) painting app Tilt Brush recently received a large update that introduced a number of new features. In addition Google are introducing a social website where Tilt Brush users can share their masterpieces.

The recent update added the ability to change the lighting scheme, which allows Tilt Brush users to change the colour, intensity and position of light sources. A new environment panel was also added to allow a scenes skybox and fog to be customised. As a result, the app now has many more control panels available, to mitigate the potential problems involved with this, Google have allowed the Workspace to be customisable so the panels can be re-arranged into the optimum location.

When users are finished using the new tools to create what they want, they can then upload it to the Tilt Brush Sketches website. From there, art work can be shared, liked, downloaded and modified in interesting ways. Tilt Brush users have been asking for such social features to be added for some time, a functionality that only became more in-demand since the multiplayer update was added near the end of last year. Some critics have said that there is still much missing from the social features, such as the ability to comment or follow certain users.

However, Google VR Group Product Manager Jason Toff has pointed out that art shared in the traditional way via Twitter, Facebook or other social media can often lose attribution and source as it goes viral. The Google Tilt Brush Sketches Gallery automatically adds attribution and a Creative Commons BY licence by default, which should make life easier for aspiring artists when their work shoots across the internet.

If and when Google offer further updates to Tilt Brush and its social gallery, VRFocus will be there to report on it.

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