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Gorillaz Invite Fans to Join a Mixed Reality House Party

Virtual band employ virtual reality as part of publicity for upcoming new album.

British virtual band Gorillaz have ended their five-year hiatus with a bang, announcing a new album called Humanz, an upcoming TV show and now an opportunity for fans to explore the Gorillaz house via virtual reality (VR).

Gorillaz were formed back in 1998 and consists of four animated characters, 2D on lead vocals and keyboard, Murdoc on bass guitar, Noodle on lead guitar and Russel Hobbs on drums. The music videos show the fictional and often off-the-wall adventures of the band, along with the official Gorillaz website, and now, VR.

The mixed reality experience uses the Gorillaz mobile app to combine virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree video to allow users to interact with the virtual band members to find out what they do in their spare time and get involved with the storyline narrative that is set to introduce new updates over time to allow the story to evolve.

The Gorillaz app is available for free on iOS and Android and is compatible with Google Cardboard. The app also allows users to participate in The Humanz House Party, a virtual event to celebrate the launch of the new album, due to take place on 28th April.

It seems likely that Gorillaz will continue to utilise VR as part of their new releases, since they already released a 360-degree music video for Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) in March. Other musicians such as Icelandic singer Bjork are also embracing VR technology for music videos and live performances.

You can watch a trailer for the Gorillaz app below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on VR use in music as it comes in.

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