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Hardlight VR Haptic Suit Shows off Integration into Sairento VR

Nullspace VR team show how haptics can enhance the VR experience.

The team behind the successfully Kickstarted virtual reality (VR) haptic suit, the Hardlight VR, have been showing what the equipment can do when properly integrated into a VR experience.

Steam Early Access videogame Sairento VR has integrated Hardlight VR capability into the fast-paced ninja combat and has managed to impress the Nullspace team who created the Hardlight suit so much that they have put together a special video to display how well the integration works.

Sairento VR was developed by indie studio Mixed Realms. In Sairento, the player steps into the role of one of the Silent Ones, a futuristic group of cyborg ninjas. Some sort of mysterious nano-virus causes the protagonists fellow Silent Ones to go berserk, forcing the player to have to cut them all down in a suitably impressive way, utilising swords, guns and Matrix-style Bullet Time to cut down enemies, discover the secret behind the nano virus and save the world.

“Nullspace VR provides an easy to use, out of the box API that allowed us to get started in no time,” said Mixed Realms’ Founder and CEO Aldric Chang. “We were thrilled to be able to add another layer of tactile immersion quickly and painlessly with the Hardlight Suit. Our fans are now able to enjoy Sairento VR even more with the haptic effects powered by the Hardlight Suit.”

The Hardlight suit enables interesting haptic effects such as a rapid heartbeat effect that happens when the game enters the Bullet Time-esque ‘Focus Mode’ as well as allowing the player to feel the blows struck upon the player character and the recoil from firing a gun.

Sairento VR is available on Steam Early Access for £18.99 (GBP) and supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. More information on the Hardlight VR haptic suit, and the chance to pre-order one, is available on the Hardlight VR official website.

You can watch the Sairento with Hardlight video below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Hardlight VR when it becomes available.


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