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Hong Kong Opens Doors on VR Film Festival

The first VR film festival in Hong Kong will be held this Sunday, 30th April 2017.

Providers of virtual reality (VR) content platform Kaleidoscope VR are organising the inaugural Kaleidoscope VR Hong Kong Film Festival on Sunday 30th April 2017. More than ten VR experiences are due to be featured during the event.

The VR experiences that are planned to be showcased include films, documentaries and videogames. One of the featured films is titled Indefinite, a documentary detailing the experiences of people living within detention centres in the UK. Another is Dear Angelica, an animated immersive experience about the memories of a young girl. One of the videogames featured will be The Price Of Freedom, where the player takes the role of a spy tasked with assassinating a CIA mole.

“We have spent a lot of time getting the best equipment such as the Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Samsung and Oculus gear for this festival, and you cannot find all of these at one event anywhere else in Hong Kong,” said Sophie Chui, one of the organizers of the event to Asia Times.

“Some of the documentaries bring you to remote areas in the world, some bring you personally into the struggles of the characters. There are a couple of artsy VR films that have very interesting editing,” added Howard Tian, another co-organizer of the event. Tian is also a co-founder of event sponsor GO VR Immersive. “People who don’t necessarily have experience with cinematic VR are able to experience it first hand during our event,” he said.

Tian and Chui hope to expand the range of applications available for VR in Hong Kong, particularly practical and industrial applications: “They [China, Singapore, Taiwan] are already talking about practical applications for VR such as in education, in businesses and social advocacy for women. They are talking about getting things done as opposed to just talking about potential, the market etc,” Chui said.

“Hopefully this can lead to more opportunities for commercial VR content like what companies have been doing with micro-films,” added Tian.

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