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It’s Time to Party as Loco Dojo Launches for Oculus Touch

The experience features 16 mini-games.

Today British studio make[REAL] – the sister company to Radial-G’s Tammeka Games – has launched its first virtual reality (VR) videogame in the form of Loco Dojo. A party mini-game experience, Loco Dojo supports the Oculus Rift with Touch.

Loco Dojo is a light-hearted multiplayer title that takes its inspiration from vidoegames like Mario Party and Warioware, in which players progress around a board by spinning a wheel to move a counter. Landing on certain areas will activate a quick action mini-game which is just as much about learning the technique of that particular game as it is about winning.

LocoDojo Screenshot 3_RockyDesert

Featuring a Tournament mode for two to four players simultaneous players, if there’s no one available a single-player challenge mode has been included called Ten Trial Test, where players have ten rolls of the dice to try and attain a black belt and be classed a master, or just use the time to practice some of the more challenging games.

Loco Dojo only supports the Oculus Touch controllers and retails for £14.99 GBP / $19.99 USD/ €19.99 EUR on the Oculus Store.

While there are 16 mini-games at launch expect a lot more in future updates. VRFocus previously spoke with make[REAL] Operations Lead Sam Watts about Loco Dojo in which he said: “There’s a whole wall full of post-it notes that haven’t been explored that are ready for DLC and future content.”

Checkout the new launch trailer below, and for further update to the title and make[REAL], keep reading VRFocus.

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