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“Kicking Raptors In The Face Is A Lot Of Fun”: Island 359’s Developer On Guns, Dinosaurs And More

Nina talks to Steve Bowler of CloudGate Studios about dinosaurs and Vive trackers.

Roving VRFocus reported Nina speaks to Steve Bowler of CloudGate Studios about upcoming videogame Island 359. The title has been out in Steam Early Access for HTC Vive since August 2016 as the developers look at new innovations they can introduce. The basic concept is that there is an island inhabited by dinosaurs that the player can explore and, of course, shoot the dinosaurs.

CloudGate have been experimenting with the newly-released Vive Tracker to implement a full-body tracking system referred to as ‘Your Virtual Self’. This allows a player using the Vive Trackers to attach trackers to their body and then a full-body model within the VR environment that can follow the players movement.

Ideally the system will use three trackers. One placed on a belt around the waist, and one for each shoe. CloudGate are working on a simple device for attaching the trackers to almost any form of footwear. This system will enable players to run down and kick any dinosaurs they come across using their actual foot movements.

Island 359 currently has three levels, one of which is only available in the arcade mode. Five dinosaur models are currently in the title, but the developers are working on implementing more dinosaurs and more levels. A firm release date has yet to be set, but CloudGate are aiming for Q2 of 2017.

You can watch the full interview below.

VRFocus will bring you more updates on Island 359 as they come in.

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