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Launch Confirmed for City-Smashing Action Title Mighty Monster Mayhem

HTC Vive kaiju title set to arrive next week.

Rank17 has announced when its giant monster simulator Mighty Monster Mayhem will come smashing onto Steam VR and HTC Vive for anyone who has ever wanted to destroy a city.

The title puts the player in the role of a disgruntled scientist, who in an effort to prove his critics wrong, takes the entirely sensible and not at all extreme action of drinking a serum that will combine his DNA with that of a mythical monster. As a result, the scientist becomes a giant monster who goes on a rampage, destroying pretty much everything in sight.

The player can take the role of five different monsters, Cthulhu Carl, Ronald the Rock, Ian Insectoid, Toni the Oni, or Gorzilla – who likes to be called “Todd” for reasons that have not been disclosed. As a monster, the player can destroy buildings, climb skyscrapers, eat people to regain health and take on the military forces sent out to stop the rampage.

Multiplayer is also available so players can invite their friends to join them in destroying a city and see who can get the best highscore. There are nine cities available to destroy for a bit of variety.

Mighty Monster Mayhem is due to arrive on Thursday 20th April. At launch it will be available at the discounted price of $8.99 USD, a 40% discount on the usual price. This offer will be available until 27th April.

The title is compatible with HTC Vive and is a room-scale experience, so will require a decently-sized play area. Further details can be found on the Steam page. A trailer for the title can be viewed below.

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