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Launch Trailer for HTC Vive Title VINDICTA Released

VINDICTA will launch in June 2017.

Last week VRFocus reported on indie developer Game Cooks announcing its HTC Vive first-person shooter (FPS) VINDICTA at the Virtual Reality Los Angles (VRLA) event next week. Now the studio has released a launch trailer for the videogame detailing what the action will look like.

This is Game Cooks second video for VINDICTA with the first one only 40 seconds long, merely giving a teasing look look at the gameplay on offer. With this second release there’s plenty more to see as it clocks it at over two minutes.

Vindicta screenshot 1

For the launch trailer the studio has ramped up the production values with a far more cinematic opening, showcasing some of the enemies and locations on offer. Then it’s straight into the action with loads of gunplay available. Being a HTC Vive title VINDICTA is all about dual-wielding, players are able to mix and match pistols, SMG’s, assault rifles, grenades and more. There’s also two-handed heavy machine guns for when they need that extra firepower and ammo capacity.

What isn’t as noticable – there are brief moments in the latter half of the video – is the type of movement system VINDICTA utilises. As VRFocus has previously reported, VINDICTA uses a swinging arm mechanic to walk about, aiming for a more natural system that most people should be akin to.

While Game Cooks has confirmed a June 2017 Steam Early Access release for the HTC Vive, the studio does plan on expanding support. Once the early access is up and running and the team has received player feedback, Oculus Rift support will be looked at. Other plans include multiplayer, a co-op mode, leaderboards, more weapons and levels.

In terms of how much game time will be available: “The Early Access version will include a good 6 to 8 hours continuous gameplay and will include over a dozen enemy types to fight, over a dozen type of weapons to use in your fight to take down UB Industries and 5 to 6 full levels,” notes the studio.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of VINDICTA, reporting back with further updates.

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