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Life In 360°: Cherry Blossom Days

A trip down a street in the shadow of the flowering trees.

Hello and welcome back to another Monday in the world of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), I hope you had a good weekend and the weather was kind to you.

Speaking of the weather we’re at that magical time of the year when Spring is very much in full swing. The trees are fill of bright green leaves, their branches full of the demanding cries of baby birds. Whilst on the ground, all manner of flowers have begun to appear, popping out of the ground as if by nature’s magic.  The combination of these things, if you think about it, is the appearance of blossom on flowering trees and we’re just at the tail end of the apparently singular 7-10 days where such can.  In the UK pretty much as soon as they appear they are blown off by a strong gust of wind in great clouds. Meaning if your timing is right/wrong you can expect to walk or drive through a blossom storm – and good luck using your windscreen wipers on those.

The image of the cherry blossom tree is a pretty iconic one in Japan, so naturally when the team from Atmosphaeres, a familiar name to regular VRFocus readers, recorded a walk through a street lined with cherry blossom trees they did so in Germany. In the city of Bonn to be precise. Travelling the Heer- and Breitestraße on a bright and clear April Sunday.

So for everyone cooped back up in offices today, here’s a little bit of nature’s beauty, from street level and above, to enjoy, nestled amongst the shadow of the cherry blossom trees.

VRFocus will be back throughout the week with more 360 degree news and videos. Check back throughout the week for the latest in VR and AR news


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