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Life In 360°: Soar Through The Sky Over Yosemite’s Delights

Wait, we’re back at Yosemite again?

One day we’re going to get away from Yosemite. I swear to goodness we will. Life In 360°’s home away from home has featured as the subject matter of our morning video post multiple times down the months, with previous examples ranging from taking a drive with a convoy of Ferrari cars to exploring the park itself with President Barak Obama. All showcasing the American National Park and the surrounding area in different ways.

Today we’re going to take in a bird’s eye view courtesy of the Nature on PBS YouTube channel. Hold on tight as you launch off the side of a cliff, the camera dangling (somewhat precariously) from the front of a hangglider. As you take flight above the valleys, rocky outcrops and giant boulders, sparkling waterways and trees so tall they boggle the mind.

The video was produced in part to promote PBS’ Nature series which featured an episode dedicated to Yosemite at the end of last month. American readers can see that episode in full on the PBS site. To do so click here.

Where will we end up on Friday? Probably Yosemite. But find out for sure by coming back to VRFocus then.



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