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Life In 360°: SpotX And OmniVirt Invite You To Take A Break

Advertising is coming thanks to a new partnership.

We’ve Easter around the corner we’ve some 360 degree news, as opposed to a vbideo, to end things this week. And it’s related to something we’ve seen on the increase in mentions for virtual reality (VR) related content – advertising.

The latest to announce their intentions are SpotX, who through a new partnership with Omnivirt (a company we’ve looked at before here) are looking to bring their 360 degrees technology to everyone using the SpotX platform. A first for OmniVirt for their technology to be so widely available. OmniVirt have said that interaction and engagement with a 360° campaign is poven to be tenfold that of a traditional 2D advert.

Founder and CEO of OmniVirt Brad Phaisan explained: “Marketers and agencies alike have been creating 360° VR advertisements due to the promise this medium has for marketers to make an impact on their audience. In spite of marketers and agencies being extremely interested in VR, the biggest challenge for these marketers remains distribution and viewers.

“The ability to bring these 360° VR experiences to audiences across SpotX’s platform is something both the buy and sell side are very excited about.” Added Jeremy Straight, SpotX’s Senior Vice President of of Strategic Partnerships. “Our Demand Facilitation team will help buyers find the best media owners for 360° VR, and help them structure their buys to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of this innovative new format. The partnership reinforces SpotX’s commitment to media owners to explore innovative technologies that empower them to realize the full potential of their video ad inventory.”

Adverts are set via Omivirt to be ablle to appear on advertising displays, mobile apps, pre-roll on video or appearing on social media 360 degrees such as Twitter or Snapchat. With previous partners including The New York Times, Discovery, Toyota, ABC, Chick-Fil-A, and Universal Pictures. How the roll out wil affect the general consumer is something VRFocus will watching with interest in the weeks and months ahead.

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