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Polybius screenshot 1

Llamasoft Launching Trance-Shooter Polybius on PlayStation VR this Month

PS Plus members get a 20% discount.

Creators of Tempest 2000 and TxK, Llamasoft, will be releasing its first virtual reality (VR) title for PlayStation VR in the form of Polybius later this month.

Similar in vein to Llamasoft’s former titles, Polybius is an 80’s infused, neon rich,  trance-shooter, where players control a small spaceship that hurtles down a course shooting everything in its path. The aim being to build as big a multiplier as possible with successive kills for a ridiculously highscore.

Polybius screenshot 2

Offering 120 FPS and up to 4K resolution, Polybius includes 25 original tracks from the studio’s in-house musicians, enjoyed across 50 psychedelic levels.

Alongside a Normal Mode to score as many points as possible which also makes use of Llamasoft’s signature Restart Best feature, there’s also Pure and YOLO modes for the experts to challenge themselves on.

Polybius can be pre-ordered now through UK PlayStation.Store for £13.99 GBP/€16.99 EUR or for £11.19 for PS Plus members. There’s currently no listing on the US version of the store. The videogame will launch on 28th April 2017.

For any further updates on Polybius, keep reading VRFocus.

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