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Mega Overload Zaps onto HTC Vive

Developers Subdream Studios aimed to create the perfect game for the burgeoning VR arcade scene.

Retro-styled arcade shooter Mega Overload is the first title produced by California-based developer Subdream Studios and it is being released on Steam for HTC Vive today.

With a style and aesthetic clearly inspired by classic arcade shoot-em-ups like Space Invaders and Galaga, Mega Overload puts the player in the role of a soldier on the front lines of a conflict between man and machine as the player fights to save the galaxy from the invading Mega Bot army.

The player is armed with two blasters that can be upgraded with the use of power ups in a way familiar to fans of classic vertical-scrolling shoot-em-ups of the past. Each enemy Mega Bot type has its own weaponry and flight pattern, meaning the player must employ strategy to shoot them down and maximise their score.

An online co-op mode is available that allows two players to work side-by-side to take out the robot menace, each player retains an individual score, so an element of competition remains as players can strive to beat their fellow players score.

The developers say that their goal with regards to Mega Overload was to create an experience which would be perfectly suited for the developing VR Arcade scene while drawing on the largely untapped potential of multiplayer VR.

Mega Overload is available for HTC Vive through Steam. It is designed with room-scale play in mind so an area of 2m by 1.5m is required. The title will normally retail for £10.99 GBP but is currently available with a launch promotion discount of 15%, reducing the price to £9.34, an offer which will be available until 25th April.

A trailer video for Mega Overload is available to view below. Further information can be found on the Steam store page.

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