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New 3D VR Camera Unveiled by NCTech

3D imaging camera uses LiDAR scanning for industrial applications.

NCTech will be unveiling a new 3D virtual reality (VR) camera at the SPAR 3D Conference this week. The new camera will use LiDAR scanning to bring 3D image capture into the hands of consumers.

The new product is called the LASiris VR and it comes with 120 Megapixel HDR imagery and a 100-meter range LiDAR scanner for full 3D image capture. The LiDAR scanning is designed to work in industries were laser scanning is already in regular use, such as surveying, engineering and construction. The company hopes that adding 3D visualisation capacity will improve safety and offer new avenues of development for those industries.

The camera can be controlled by a smartphone app, and the company have introduced a new cloud-based platform for backing up and sharing data captured from the camera. The new platform uses Google’s Compute Engine for high processing power and stability.

“The democratization of virtual reality comes from being able to visualize and dimension your own real-world space – we have created the LASiris VR to provide a long-range, high-quality solution, to capture real-world spaces for 3D visualization,” said Neil Tocher CTO, NCTech. “With this new camera we are offering 3D capture capability with high visual quality, and suitable for providing a good understanding of scale and dimension.”

NCTech say the new camera is suitable for a variety of industry applications, including Facilities management for gathering full 3D maps of a site, Stockpile management for quickly collecting data necessary for calculating volume and Security, where gathering data from an accident or crime scene quickly is vital.

VRFocus will bring you further news about the LASiris VR and related products.

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