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New Boeing Innovation Group Provides Upskill Funding

Boeing HorizonX will invest in innovative and disruptive technologies.

Aerospace company Boeing have formed a new group called Boeing HorizonX, with aims of investing in companies that are working on innovative and disruptive technologies and business models than can change the face of the aerospace industry.

One of Boeing HorizonX’s first investments is in Upskill, a company that provide wearable augmented reality (AR) technology. Boeing have worked with Upskill for over two years to evaluate the potential of the technology, which Upskill claim can enhance productivity and safety in manufacturing.

“Our ability to identify, shape and harness game-changing innovations wherever they are developed is key to sustaining and growing our leadership in aerospace,” said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing chairman, president and CEO. “Boeing HorizonX is tasked with ensuring we are fully engaged with opportunities from early-stage companies, market trends and emerging technologies while also fostering more rapid and effective internal innovation.”


Boeing is now one of Upskill’s largest customers and has deployed Upskill’s AR glasses and Skylight software platform in multiple locations. In one deployment area, there was 25% improvement in production time and product quality.

“Upskill was a priority investment for our newly formed Boeing HorizonX group, as it puts into action our desire to harness innovative technology to drive efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality in our manufacturing as well as clearly having broad application and growth potential across industries,” said Steve Nordlund, vice president for Boeing HorizonX. “We have first-hand experience on the value of Upskill’s Skylight platform and believe the company’s technology will sharpen and accelerate our pace of progress on key growth and productivity efforts, while we help evolve and enhance Skylight through real-world manufacturing applications.”


The formation of Boeing Horizon X falls in line with Boeing’s aims of investing in innovative technology and seeking new business opportunities and strategies.

VRFocus will continue to report on new applications and investments in AR and VR technology.

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