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New Hosts, Panel, Speakers and More Confirmed for VR World Congress

REWIND will be there to showcase Ghost in the Shell VR.

There’s only a few days to go until the Virtual Reality World Congress (VRWC) opens its doors for another year, featuring talks and demos across the breadth of the VR sphere. In the run up to the event new details have been announced, with a Winning Investor Showcase pitch list, new hosts, speakers, panel and exhibitor confirmed.

The Bristol, UK-based event is set to feature two new hosts, James Parker from Ground Shatter and Muki Kulhan, executive digital producer/MD Muki International. A new panel will also be taking place on 13th April called ‘Survival Tips for VR Studios and Developers’. The panel will incude: Jon Hibbins, Psytec Games; James Valls, senior producer, Rebellion; Johnathan Wagstaff, country manager, UK & Ireland, CONTEXT; Liz Biggs, lead creative (VR & Digital), Alchemy VR and Jason Lovell, founder & MD, Captivate Consultancy.

Ghost In The Shell Title

For those that haven’t tried the experience yet, REWIND will be at VRWC with Ghost in the Shell VR, showcasing it on Oculus Rift at the AMD stand.

Sol Rogers, CEO and founder of REWIND said in a statement: “Traditional movies were the popular art form of the 20th century. Now storytellers are no longer limited to the constraints of film. Stories can come to life in a new, immersive way. But VR is not the death of TV and film. It’s a separate, stand-alone medium that will add more variety to entertainment. VR allows you to step back in time or into someone else’s shoes. It can bring you closer to much-loved characters and into the worlds of your favourite movies. The Ghost in the Shell VR experience is an interactive VR story combining cutting-edge game engine with user-interactive elements taking the user deep into the world of The Major. These visceral experiences are the future of storytelling.”
The 11 winners of the first VR Investor Showcase have also been announced, winning the chance to pitch to a panel of investors including Mike Hayes, investment director at Mercia Technologies, and Andy Mulvenna, co-founder & director at Accelerated Digital Ventures. The winners are: Focal Point VR; Atom Universe; theConstruct; Tiledmedia; Virtimed; Geekzonia; Spherica; Invirt Reality; Humain; Wizdish and Generic Robotics.

VRWC will now feature speakers: Josie Wardle – project manager, Immersive Technology Group, Sony; Dave Patten, head of new media, Science Museum and Ieva Stelingyte and Agnis Stelingis, co-founders, Experimental Foundation.Josie Wardle – project manager, Immersive Technology Group, Sony.

VRFocus will be at VRWC to bring you all the latest news and announcements.

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