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Nokia Announce Next Generation Tech for OZO

The announcement comes ahead of NAB 2017.

Today Nokia has unveiled plans to advance the OZO platform with a range of new technologies dubbed ‘OZO Reality’.

There are several parts to Nokia’s upgraded ecosystem. Firstly there’s OZO+, an enhanced version of its professional virtual reality (VR) camera solution that captures stereoscopic 360-degree video and 360×360 spatial sound. OZO+ has been designed to provide even better professional-grade images, with improved dynamic range, better colours and increased sharpness.

OZO Realities - DynamicRange

This is all achieved by pairing OZO+ with OZO Creator, Nokia’s VR image processing and stereoscopic software which has been updated to include mixed reality (MR) functionality. OZO Creator also features a new ISP (image signal processing pipeline) to deliver the best quality content shot with OZO+ and other 360-degree cameras.

The improvements don’t stop there, OZO Live – Nokia’s 3D 360-degree livestreaming solution – has been tweaked with new spatial audio mixing capabilities. Users can create customized audio mixes for each camera feed, incorporating both ambient audio and sound reinforcement from multiple audio feeds, with output in 5.1, ambisonics, or OZO Audio format.

“There is virtual reality, and then there is OZO Reality: our vision for the future of virtual and mixed reality experiences, seamlessly blending the real with the virtual and transcending time and space. We are developing new innovations that work together to empower storytellers, enable audiences to participate in content anywhere on any platform, and deliver on the promise of transformative experiences that help the human family feel more together,” said Paul Melin, VP of Digital Media, Nokia Technologies in a statement. “As VR and AR fast approach a tipping point that will lead to explosive growth, OZO products and technologies are well-positioned to be key drivers for the future of an industry that could top $100 billion in less than a decade.”

Nokia has forged partnerships with global companies to drive acceleration and adoption of OZO Reality. Partners include: 3stage Design; Akamai; Accedo; Harmonic; Youku; Qello and many more.

Nokia will be showcasing OZO Reality at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas Convention Center from 24th-27th April, 2017. For further updates on Nokia OZO, keep reading VRFocus.

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