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Raw Data Seeks New Players with Free Weekend and 20% Off

Survios’ flagship title gets discounted and free weekend play on Steam.

Even though it is still in Early Access, developer Survios has had a respectable amount of success with first-person shooter (FPS) Raw Data. Survios is now hoping to attract new players with a free weekend and a 20% Steam discount.

The futuristic shooter places the player in the role of a member of the resistance seeking to bring down the corrupt and sinister Eden Corporation. There are several heroes available to choose from, including characters like Saija the cyber-ninja or Boss, the hard-hitting mercenary. A whole arsenal is available featuring handguns to katanas to turret guns that will aid in mowing down the hordes of robots that form Eden Corp’s army.

Raw Data was originally launched for the HTC Vive, but recently introduced support for the Oculus Rift with Touch in a recent update, which optimised the game for the Oculus Touch and also introduced a new high-level mission called ‘Cataclysm’ and new powers for some of the characters.

With the inclusion of Oculus Touch support, cross-platform multiplayer is now available so users of HTC Vive or Oculus Touch can team up to demolish machines together in co-op.

The videogame is currently available to play for free for the next four days. A 20% discount on buying the game is also available, which brings the price down from £29.99 (GBP) to £23.99.

Raw Data - Screenshot - Dual Wield

Further details and updates can be found on the Steam page.

While Raw Data was the first VR title to top the Steam Sales Charts and break the $1 million (USD) barrier, the title is still facing stiff competition from Epic Games’ Robo Recall, which which it shares several similarities.

VRFocus will keep you updates on Raw Data and other special offers and discounts.

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