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Relive Your First Weeks Alive With New Experience ‘First Impressions’

From The Guardian VR a Daydream experience about the physical and mental development of a baby.

Last night VRFocus reported on how the use and support of 360 degrees content within the traditional media was still on the increase, with news of RT’s new 360 licencing deals for 360 degree content. Back in the UK, The Guardian newspaper – or more precicely its holding company of Guardian News & Media (GNM) – has announced its third virtual reality (VR) project, this one specifically for the Google Daydream View.

In First Impressions VR users are able to takes the point of view of a baby during its formulative months, allowing them to see how physical developments change over this time. Did you know, for instance that, initially you would not have seen a full range of colours? Likewise the ability to focus and the depth to which that can be done is something that develops over time. This experience shows how stimuli and neglect can affect the neurological development of a young child. First Impressions comes after similar experiences by the newspaper, including 6×9 – a VR presentation about the reality of living a life in solitary confinement.

First Impressions has much to commend it for anyone interested in infant development.” Confirms Charles Nelson PhD. A professor of pediatrics at America’s Harvard university and the vocal guide to what you are seeing in First Impressions. “The ability to explore the world through the eyes of a baby offers an unprecedented opportunity to really understand how they see and experience the world.”

Speaking about the work, GNM’s Executive Editor of VR Francesca Panetta added: “First Impressions is a beautiful portrayal of the first six months of life and gives viewers a real insight into a period of crucial development which we have all experienced but aren’t able to recall. It’s another example of the Guardian’s innovative storytelling through VR, using this technology as a tool to bring new experiences to life for viewers.”

The Guardian VR app is available to install for free over on the Google Play store. Additionally GNM has revealed both traduitional and 360 degree trailer for First Impressions which you can see below.

GNM has confirmed their internal VR team is at work on more VR projects for Daydream, which will all be “editorially independant”. When more information about these projects are revealed, VRFocus will of course let you know.

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