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Sci-Fi London Film Festival Introduces New VR Experiences

Sci-fi film festival to feature four VR shorts in its line up.

The Sci-Fi London film festival has been running for 17 years now, and has introduced its attendees to many innovative new films and live performances. The event is now including immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences in the line up.

Four VR shorts will be shown at the festival alongside regular events such as the 48 Hour Film Challenge, several world film premieres and UK film premieres. Monday 1st of May will see the debut of R.I.S.E – A Dystopian VR Experience, which aims to explore the possibility of letting robots take over, and the idea that normal work will become obsolete as technology marches on. R.I.S.E was produced as a collaboration between Sci-FiLondon and PsychFI and developed by VR content creator beLoudest. The experience will be available on iOS and Android after the Sci-Fi London premiere, and will be compatible with Google Cardboard headsets.

Also taking place at the festival with be Hackstock: Beyond 2017. The organisers have brought together almost every type of headset, from Google Cardboard to HTC Vive and Microsoft’s HoloLens will all be available for attendees to try out. Developers, musicians, artists, hackers and almost everyone else who is interested can discuss the possibilities presented by VR and AR technologies.

Other VR experiences available during the festival are VR shorts Remember, Tesla Punk, Misfits and 37th Week.

The Sci-Fi London Film Festival takes place from 27th April until 6th May 2017 in venues across London. Full details on the programme are available on the Sci-Fi London website.

Tickets have not yet gone on sale.

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