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SKonec Entertainment Launches Mortal Blitz for PlayStation VR

But it’s only for US, Canadian and Asia territories.

Today, South Korean developer SKonec Entertainment has released its first-person shooter (FPS) Mortal Blitz for PlayStation VR. 

Mortal Blitz EP-1 originally launched back in 2015 for Gear VR, for which it then created Mortal Blitz for Walking Attractiona free roaming shooter for theme parks and arcades.

Just as the mobile version, Mortal Blitz casts players as a special agent finding themselves trapped in a secret research facility. Using an assortment of weapons, including environmental objects, they need to fight through Teratoma mutants as they search for a means of escape.

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The studio has also developed what it calls a ‘Groggy System’, where the player can engaged in stylized gun play using slow motion and in-air shots.

Director of SKonec Entertainment’s B2C department, JongHyun Yuk,said in a statement: “Sony has recorded the most anticipated PSVR games on their demo disc for their global launching last fall, and SKonec Entertainment’s Mortal Blitz was the only game from S.Korea and by so doing proved its excellent technology and game elements. The commercial version of this game will fully support not only PS Move Motion Controller but also DualShock 4 Controller. This will surely slake many players’ thirst on fresh PSVR game titles.”

Mortal Blitz can only be downloaded through the PlayStation.Store in certain territories. These are US, Canada, S.Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. The title currently supports four languages, Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese both simplified and traditional. At present there’s no confirmation of a European release date.

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