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Snapchat Pushes Further into AR Announcing New World Lenses

The new feature is available now.

Since its launch Snapchat has been consistently innovating, adding augmented reality (AR) functionality allowing users to become animals or swap faces with friends. Today the company has expand upon that principle with New World Lenses, adding content to scenes that users walk around. 

Using a device’s rear-facing camera, the new function allows World Lenses to be easily added, so that users can ‘paint the world’ as Snapchat calls it. There’s a decent selection to choose from at launch, and the company will be adding further 3D objects on a regular basis.

Snapchat New World Lenses

Snapchat’s other AR feature, Lenses, was opened up to brands and advertisers giving them access to the company’s massive user base. There’s been no confirmation yet if that’ll be the case for World Lenses, but with another revenue stream at its disposal that’s likely to be the case.

AR has been a growing technology trend that’s gaining popularity because of companies like Snapchat and not forgetting the hugely influential Pokemon GO. At the top end of the market you’ve also got Microsoft’s HoloLens, the Meta 2, and if it ever sees the light of day Magic Leap.

Checkout the announcement trailer below, and for further AR updates from Snapchat, keep reading VRFocus.

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