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Starblood Arena 1

Starblood Arena Goes Gold, New Features Trailer Released

PlayStation VR title gets ready to launch next week.

PlayStation VR title Starblood Arena has gone gold and developer WhiteMoon Dreams has revealed some of what players can expect from the upcoming title.

Starblood Arena allows the player to take control of one of nine available ships, each with its unique pilot, features and weapon loadout. So players can choose the pilot and ship that suits their preferred style of play.

Each ship comes equipped with protective shields, two gun systems, missiles and mines as well as powerful engines. The ships have slightly different variants to bring an element of strategy into the experience. Mods can also be unlocked to further customise the ship’s loadout to the players liking.

Alongside the Gold announcement, the developer highlighted three characters. Balanced soldier Elsa in her ship Mandible, who comes supplied with Stasis Mines and a Heavy Hyper Cannon. Then there’s fast but fragile assassin Blade and his ship Raptor, equiped with Swarm Missiles and the Black Death heavy weapon. Lastly there’s Dregg the sniper in his ship Deadeye, sporting the Singularity Missile and the Ghost Gun which shots through walls.

Multiplayer can feature two to eight players, either in team play or in a multi-way brawl. A leaderboard will show the progress of those who choose to play in Ranked matches.

As was previously announced, Starblood Arena is due to launch in the US on 11th April, and in Europe on 12th April. You can watch the new Starblood Arena features video below.

VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on Starblood Arena and other PlayStation VR titles.

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