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Starbreeze Tease 6 VR Stories at Next@Acer Coming to StarVR

Dates and availability have yet to be announced.

The Next@Acer event took place earlier today in New York City, with the company revealing several new products including a 360-degree camera called Holo 360. Also at the show was Starbreeze, showcasing six new virtual reality (VR) shorts set to be produced for future location based initiatives using the StarVR head-mounted display (HMD).

Bo Andersson-Klint, StarVR Chairman of the Board and Starbreeze CEO, as well as Brooks Brown, Starbreeze Global Director of VR, took to the stage to present the following experiences: Presenz, The Raft, Hero, Ape-X, Project Golem and Elementerra.

Elementerra silhouette poster v3

PresenZ is a technology for immersive VR cinema made by Belgian company Nozon. It allows for interactive parallax in VR, delivering high quality blockbuster computer graphics (CG) with true immersive feeling.

“The Raft takes players on a thrilling cinematic adventure and comes from RED Interactive Agency,” states the official description. “Lured by an ancient treasure, a brave band of explorers make their way down an ominous river. Players must work together to navigate and protect their raft, but keeping it afloat is the least of their worries. As they venture deeper into the mysterious jungle, various creatures will be attacking them and wreaking havoc to the raft.  Only resourceful, coordinated teams will reach the prize, while others will be lost forever to realities unknown.”

Hero comes from iNK Stories creating a first-person rescue experience that throws players into the volatile streets of the civilian warzone in Syria. As a volunteer rescue worker, alongside your trusted canine companion, players are called upon to enter their own journey.

Ape-X from Lucky Hammers, has players fighting for survival and freedom atop a towering building. Finding themselves 500 meters above the city street as a 12-ton cyber APE named, Big Mike, they must listen closely to the Doctor’s instructions in order to survive and gain your freedom. With 360-degrees of mobility players have to shuffle around the building ledge in order to avoid being spotted, then blast and swat guard drones out of the sky.

Project Golem features another giant robot mech, this time fighting off an alien invasion threatening the world.

Elementerra is a social VR world-building puzzle game, that takes place amidst a cosmic event of the cataclysmic sort. The player will be able to take on the role of a god-like deity and assist the population of the universe to rebuild the planets.

There’s been no confirmation of launch dates, when there is VRFocus will bring you the announcement.

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