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Survive the Frozen Landscape of Canada in Blind Hunt

VR Survival and crafting game looking for Steam Greenlight support.

Independent game developers are increasingly turning to virtual reality (VR) to serve as a new playground for fresh ideas and new twists on old ideas. One such game is searching for approval on Steam Greenlight and is called Blind Hunt.

The experience puts the player far from civilisation in the cold, severe landscape of North Canada. The nights are long and days are icy and the player must learn how to survive in extreme conditions by learning how to craft increasingly complex items. There are multiple different types of geography all reflective of the types found In North Canada, valleys, foothills, mountains and vast evergreen forests.

It is possible to discover traces of human civilisation, such as abandoned campsites and huts that might belong to loggers or park rangers. Animals inhabit the land such as wolves and deer and can be a valuable resource or a threat. The title has incorporated weather effects that are as realistic as the developer could make them.

While the developer, known on Steam as Densid, has confirmed that the title will have VR support, there has yet been no confirmation as to which platforms would be supported. Nor has there been an indication as to what the price point would be in the event that Blind Hunt was Greenlit.

Further information can be found on the Blind Hunt Steam page.

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