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EVE: Valkyrie Screenshot

The Sounds Of Battle: Full Soundtrack To EVE: Valkyrie Coming Soon To Soundcloud

The sweet sounds of space – expanded.

In outer space no one can hear you scream, but it’s always nice to have a decent soundtrack for tightly banking around a giant space carrier, shooting a well timed missile into a vital subsystem before swooping away, blowing apart an annoying fighter that had been on your tail with a twin burst of laser fire.
CCP Games are no stranger to a good soundtrack for doing just that, as owners of EVE: Valkyrie will likely attest. The good news for them and for anyone who appreciates the video sgame music is that, according to the videogame’s Lead Designer Andrsew Willans soon you’ll be able to enjoy the full spectrum of music from the title as the soundtrack is coming to Soundcloud.

EVE Valkyrie_wormholetubelaunch

Die hard fans will however know that CCP’s Soundcloud account already features music from EVE: Valkyrie, which was added shortly after EVE: Fanfest 2016 and which you can enjoy here. However Wilans specified to VRFocus that Soundcloud would be getting the ‘full soundtrack’.  Which would suggest that any missing tracks from the initial release, as well as those added for the subsequent updates to the game – Carrier Assault, Joint Strike, Wormholes, Gatecrash and newly announced update Groundrush – will be added.

In a video interview released on VRFocus earlier this week, Willans described the difficulties CCP Games faced creating Solitude, with the new map (part of Groundrush) that has a floor and a horizon line. He revealed how this type of level wasn’t possible for the team to make around six months ago, and how it is only through continual development and learning that the CCP Games team was able to build it.

No indication was given regarding a specific date, however when the update goes live VRFocus will of course keep you up to date.

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