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Think Outside the Box with Statik on PlayStation VR [Updated]

Puzzle game Statik gets full release on PlayStation VR today.

Virtual reality (VR) puzzle games are a good way for people new to VR used to using the technology while experiencing the immersion that is possible with VR. Puzzle games tend to involve more thinking that waving your arms around, so they’re good for users who tend towards motion sickness as well. Just as well that PlayStation VR is getting another puzzle game to add to its catalogue with Statik.

Statik shares some DNA with puzzle games like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes or I Expect You To Die, in that it is a type of escape puzzle. The players hands are trapped inside a box, each side of the box has a different gauge, lever or switch that correspond to a different button, thumb sticks or d-pad. The controls must be operated in the proper sequence or at the proper time in order to escape. The player must be cautious and use their eyes and ears in order to not only discern the correct sequence, but also to discover what is going on in this mysterious lab around you, and why you are being subjected to this experiment.

The synopsis for the title on the PlayStation Store page speaks of Dr Ingen and his assistant Edith and their attempts to unravel the complexities of the human mind, and also warns that not everything the player sees and hears can necessarily be trusted.

In a rare gesture, the developer Tarsier Studios have made a free demo is available so players can try out the experience and covers the first puzzle the players will need to solve.

The full version of Statik is available for $19.99 (USD) or £15.99 (GBP) in the UK. Further information can be found on the PlayStation Store.

VRFocus will bring you news on other new PlayStation VR releases at they become available.

Update: The US price has been adjusted to what it is on the store post launch.

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