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Titanic VR Releases New Model Images for 105th Anniversary

The project is still pre-alpha but the pics show the continued development.

105-years ago the RMS Titanic sank in the Atlantic ocean after hitting an iceberg. It’s one of the most famous maritime disasters with more than 1,500 people perishing. In January Immersive VR Education launched a Kickstarter campaign to recreate the wreck in virtual reality (VR), Titanic VR, successfully completing the funding in March. To mark the anniversary the developer has released several new model images.

As the team state on Kickstarter: “All the below images are still in pre-alpha state and do not represent what the finished game will look like but we hope they will give you a good sense of the level of detail we are trying achieve.”

The exterior images have been taken directly from Unity, while the individual assets from 3ds Max.

Immersive VR Education’s Titanic VR managed to raise €57,095 EUR from 883 backers, easily passing its €50,000 target. The project aims to offer several gameplay modes, providing both an interactive and learning experience in one. There will be a story campaign, a sandbox mode for complete freedom and a guided tour through the wreck.

If you fancy getting an early look at Titanic VR the studio’s created a teaser demo – downloadable from the Kickstarter page – that supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and standard PC monitors.

Titanic VR is scheduled for release in November 2017, for further updates on the project keep reading VRFocus.

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