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Tribeca Awards Nominates its First VR Campaign

BeefeaterXO Branded Experience gets nomination.

The Tribeca X Award is presented to advertising campaigns that combine the best in advertising and storytelling. The award was first presented last year. The award winner is selected from a nominations list of ten finalists, narrowed down from almost 600 entries. For the first time, a virtual reality (VR) advertising project has got a nomination.

The nominated VR project is BeefeaterXO, which presents the viewer with an immersive trip through the mind of a chef named Dabiz Muñoz as he imagines cities around the world, Mumbai, Venice, Bangkok and London, all with the theme of the Odyssey of Ulysses. As such, fantastic creatures from mythology like sirens and cyclops appear.

Raquel Alonso Movilla, senior brand manager of Beefeater said: “We are honoured that BeefeaterXO was nominated as the first and only VR Branded Experience at Tribeca this year and how this campaign is helping brand and marketing professionals understand the power for VR in brand building.”

The BeefeaterXO experience took five days to shoot and featured over 50 actors and required 60 technical and creative staff to make. The campaign was launched in January 2017 and has received more than 20 million views to date.

“Over the past year, branded content has grown leaps and bounds with an explosion of projects and collaborations. These finalists represent the best artist-brand pairings of the past year and demonstrate how authentic, original and creative storytelling truly rises above the rest,” said Andrew Essex, CEO of Tribeca Enterprises.

The winner of the Tribeca X award will be announced during the Tribeca Film Festival on 24th April.

VRFocus will keep you updated on Tribeca X and other Awards recognising VR projects.

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