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Unity Reveals Plans to Expand into India

Unity planning to work with Indian firms on VR and AR projects.

Unity Technologies, the firm behind popular game engine Unity 3D, are planning to greatly expand their presence in India, hoping to triple the amount of employees they have located there by the end of the year, and expand the burgeoning Indian videogames scene.

Though noting that India was well behind established markets such as Japan or Europe, Chief revenue officer Dave Rhodes is confident that the slowly expanding games market in India will be of benefit to Unity: “People in India if given the right price of device and bandwidth, will buy more games,” he said. “The developers have an outlet to make money and we want to be there to support them.”

Also included in Unity’s expansion are plans to collaborate with India’s established IT industry on projects for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Quentin Staes-Polet, the company’s director for South Asia, Australia and New Zealand, claims that 70% of virtual reality development around the world is built with Unity: “People in automobile and manufacturing have raised a demand for interactive and immersive platforms for their customers and internal work,” he said. “This high fidelity visualisation cannot be achieved with 3D design tools. Therefore, we are consorting with IT integration firms that are building up augmented and virtual reality practises.”

Unity - John Riccitiello

In addition, Unity is looking to expand its focus to include non-gaming applications for the Unity engine. According to Unity CEO John Riccitiello: “My view was that until we were perfect at nailing the gaming, AR and VR business, I was going to keep our concentration on that so we didn’t dilute our efforts. But there is huge number of folks that use our product outside of the games industry – we just try to keep our focus tight.”

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