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Virtuix Omni Becomes Official Hardware Partner of HTC, Native Arizona Sunshine Support Added

Three new games get Omni VR treadmill support.

The Virtuix Omni was one of the earliest examples of a virtual reality (VR) related product to launch a Kickstarter. It was also one of the most successful, netting over $1.1 million USD in funding by the end of the campaign. Now the creators of the product, Virtuix, have announced three new games the Omni will support and that they will be partnering with HTC.

The end of last year saw some less-than-good news for backers of the Omni Kickstarter who lived outside of the USA as the company announced they would not be able to ship orders to those customers. After that disappointment, Virtuix and Omni needed to win back support. They hope to do so with the announcement that zombie survival game Arizona Sunshine will get Omni support.

Virtuix Omni Header

Arizona Sunshine is a videogame experience available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that puts the player in the role of one of the few human survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they try and hunt down fellow survivors. The zombies are not the only threat, however, the player must also learn how to navigate the vast, arid Arizona landscape, scavenge for supplies and survive the scorching heat.


Two other titles have been announced as featuring Omni support: Quell 4D, a fast-paced retro-style FPS and The Bellows, a narrative VR horror experience.

The other big news announced by Virtuix at the Vive Ecosystem conference in Shenzen, China, is that it is now a formal hardware partner with HTC, which will allow the company to work more closely with HTC hardware, and potentially integrate Omni support further into upcoming HTC Vive titles.


Further updates on the Omni are available on the Kickstarter update page.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on the Virtuix Omni and other VR-related Kickstarter products and campaigns.

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