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Vizor Seed Funding Round Nets New Board Members & Over $2 Million

Firm offering plafrorm for the business of 360 degrees gets investment

F8 might be Facebook Developer Conference but it isn’t all about what they themselves (or Oculus for that matter) are up to. Partners, be they studios, creators and developers of technologies and experiences are making announcements as well. Such as the earlier announcement about Framestore becoming a Creative And Technology Partner for Facebook’s Surround 360 Camera.

Once such announcement comes from virtual reality (VR) software company Vizor, who today revealed that they were the latest VR related company to have had successfully raised funds via seed funding. Led by The VR Fund and Inventure (both of whom will see members added to Vizor’s board), Vizor; which provides a platform for creators to develop VR 360 degree content for the web thanks to toolsets enabling instant previews, editing and web-related support, raised an additional $2.3 million (USD) for the company.

“Vizor’s platform is truly innovative and can be applied to any industry, representing tremendous market opportunity on a global scale.” Saids co-founder Marco DeMirozm on his company’s investment. “By combining virtual reality with the power and accessibility of the web, Vizor is redefining the future of how WebVR content can be created and viewed.”

“Immersive web is the next iteration of the internet, and our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for businesses and storytellers to fill the world with new, inspiring and beautiful virtual reality content.” Explained Kaarlo Kananen, founder and CEO, Vizor. “Our investors understand the value in evolving our platform and the limitless creative possibilities it can unlock.”

As the high levels of investment in VR and it’s technological cousin augmented reality (AR) continue, so will VRFocus‘ coverage. Who will be the next company to benefit from such investment? Be sure to check back regularly to find out the latest.

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