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VR Hack and Slash Title Smashing the Battle has been Greenlit

Developers confirm Smashing the Battle will be out for HTC Vive soon.

Anime-inspired virtual reality (VR) hack and slash title Smashing the Battle has been approved by the Steam community and passed the Greenlight approval process. The development team are now working on getting the title ready for release.

Smashing the Battle is set in a future world where many hazardous jobs, such as construction work, are done by robots. However, where there are masses of machines available, someone will try and find a way to hack into them. This is exactly what happens to kick start the plot of the title, as a massive hacking incident sends the construction robots on a massive multi-story construction site berserk, forcing the two female heroes of the videogame to get involved.

The two heroines have their own play style. Sarah O’Connell hits hard and can get up close to deal out damage, where Mary Lucy prefers to keep her distance and summon her own robot to dish out damage on her behalf. Each of the characters has an individual story to follow through the plot.

Unlockable items are also planned to be included, such as various suits that give the player extras that can be useful in battle. Combat will consist of stringing together fighting moves into combo strings, which consume a resource called SP. Enemies can drop SP to replenish the meter and allow the player to keep stringing together combos until everything is smashed to bits.

It is not currently known when the title will be available for release, but developers YJM Games are planning for Smashing the Battle to be available for HTC Vive. A price point has not yet been confirmed.

A trailer for the title is available to view below. Further information and updates can be found on the Steam page.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Smashing the Battle and other VR Greenlight titles when it becomes available.

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