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VR Invaders Dives onto PlayStation VR

Narrative shooter VR Invaders gets updated release on PlayStation VR.

In the future, everyone is immersed in virtual reality (VR) in the story of VR Invaders, created by developer and publisher My.com, which is today getting a release on PlayStation VR after previously being available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

VR Invaders is a story-driven shooter set the in the year 2046 in a time where VR has become a shelter and escape for the hardships of life, to the point where most of the population spend as much time as possible living within the totally immersive VR experiences provided by avaricious global corporations.

It’s not all joy and fun for VR users in the world of VR Invaders, though, as not everyone stays logged in voluntarily. Sometimes a user can get caught by a virus or a glitch that prevents them from disconnecting, then specialist technicians/hackers called ‘Divers’ must be called in to enter the stuck user’s neural session to reboot it. Usually by shooting things.

Players are armed with a blaster gun that comes with several firing modes and an energy shield that also has the power to slow down time for a dramatic bullet-time effect. The title takes a few cues from classic shoot-em-ups by having various power ups available throughout the levels that allow for duel blasters, or for the blaster to be given even more powerful abilities such as a laser or plasma bolt which could be useful for tricky level end bosses.

VR Invaders has a local and global high-score board so players can compete with their friends or with players all over the world. An Arcade mode, Practice mode and Endless mode are all available.


The title is out now in Europe and America, priced at £14.99 GBP. PlayStation Move motion controllers are required to play. Further information can be found on the PlayStation Store page.

VRFocus will keep you updated with news of other new PlayStation VR releases.

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