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Green Cave Studio MR Calbration

VR VISIO Look to Ease the Stress of Mixed Reality Video Production

A new tool will help set your controller and camera calibration for MR recordings, for free.

Mixed reality (MR) is the next bastion for virtual reality (VR) content producers, allowing developers to showcase their work to users who may not yet have access to a head-mounted display (HMD). Many studios have put their efforts into producing their own techniques, but today VR VISIO has released a new toolkit to ease the process for all.

Green Cave Studio MR CalbrationMR production requires the positioning a real world video camera inside the VR space, which can be a real struggle especially when trying to achieve high-end precision. There are a number of hacks and workarounds involving attaching the HTC Vive controller to a video recorder, but each of these solutions require individual calibration which is an extremely inefficient and time-consuming process. Polish company VR VISIO has announced a new project that will help face these demands with any developers who are willing to try this innovative tool, specifically easing the camera calibration process.

The Mixed Reality Calibrator Tool, available to download now for free, is a simple application. Calibration of physical and virtual controllers is one of the most important issues as it comes to recording high quality video material in MR, and VR VISIO claim that this tool will significantly speed up the recording process.

A video released by VR VISIO’s Green Cave Studio team, embedded below, offers more details on the Mixed Reality Calibrator Tool and its use. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on MR work from VR VISIO and the growing industry trend for MR commercials.

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