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VR World Congress 2017: “VR Storytelling in 2020: Some Guesses” Liveblog

Where is storytelling headed? Who knows! But Oculus Story Studios has an idea…

VRFocus returns to Bristol for our final day of coverage from this year’s VR World Congress (VRWC), from which we’ll have a number of items that we will share with you in the days and weeks to come. For now though we once again bring you details from the event in the form of a liveblog brought to you by VRFocus writer Peter Graham.

Next up today is Edward Saatchi is a Co-founder and Producer at Oculus Story Studio – makers of Henry and Dear Angelica.

“Join Edward Saatchi, cofounder and Executive Producer of Oculus Story Studio for a series of guesses and predictions about where virtual reality (VR) storytelling might be by 2020.”

Join us throughout the day on VRFocus for more for more liveblogs and stories from VRWC and, of course, the world at large.

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