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VRgluv Haptic Controller Kickstarter Smashes Past Funding Target in 48 Hours

Crowdfunding campaign has been successful after only two days.

After only two days, the crowdfunding campaign for the VRgluv haptic glove controller has reached its funding goal, but many reward tiers are still available.

The campaign began on Wednesday aiming to bring to fruition a new type of haptic controller. Within 48 hours the VRgluv Kickstarter campaign is already over the $100,000 (USD) funding goal. The glove is designed to deliver force-feedback, pressure sensing and finger tracking as an all-in-one package suitable for many types of virtual reality (VR) experiences.

The VRgluv is designed to be compatible with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and there are already videogame and experiences that support the VRgluv, such as Light Repair Team 4, Climbey and VR Regatta.


Pledges are still being accepted until the campaign closes on 26th May 2017, and finding tiers range from $5 to receive updates on the project, to $349 for the early bird package which includes one pair of gloves and adaptors for both HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. The highest tier tops out at £2,990 which gets the backer ten pairs of gloves, along with ten sets of adapters for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive.

Haptics in VR are becoming increasingly popular as a method to increase immersion, such as the Hardlight haptic suit, which also began as a Kickstarter campaign. Not only does it enable more naturalistic and intuitive movement within VR scenarios, but proper motion simulation can help reduce the effects of motion sickness experienced by some VR users.

It isn’t currently known if the organisers of the campaign are wanting to aim for any stretch goals, further updates will be posted to the official Kickstarter page.

VRFocus will keep you up-to-date on VRgluv and other VR-related Kickstarter campaigns.

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