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VRTV: Be The Batman. Use The Force. And… Feel The Bullets?

Nina is here for your weekly VR round-up with chances to pilot starships, slice and dice robots and become the World’s Greatest Detective.

It’s been a busy week for virtual reality (VR) and a bit of a party week as well. VRFocus video correspondent Nina Salomons steps out of the ongoing EVE Fanfest to bring you the lowdown on all the big stories of the last seven days for this week’s edition of VRTV. Which includes details of a certain brooding billionaire playboy slipping the confines of the PlayStation VR to bring vigilante justice to PC VR.

Both Star Wars and Star Trek fans have had something VR to celebrate this week as well, although one is decidedly more official than the other. PlayStation VR has had a number of releases confirmed and there’s also a new haptic vest is being released for VR player from D&E Tech. How comfortable would you be with being able to feel bullets and explosions though?

Find out more about the stories concerned here:

VRFocus will be back on Tuesday with a VRTV review and will return with another weekly round-up on Thursday.

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