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VRTV: Catching The Ghost Train At Thorpe Park

Does the reworked ride get the Nina seal of approval, or does the experience get derailed?

Last week VRFocus sent our resident video reporter Nina Salomons off to the UK’s Thorpe Park to catch a train. Not just any ordinary train, mind you, but the reworked Derren Brown’s Ghost Train ride.

Originally launched in July last year the multi-sensory experience which features #VR scares provided by the HTC Vive as well as live action, 4D special effects, grand illusion and physical transit in both a Victorian train carriage and more modern London Underground-style train. Sees riders undergoing a number of trials during their journey after a drilling company unleashes a mysterious gas from below the surface of London with a sinister side effect.

Put together in partnership with Brown, a well known UK mentalist and illusionist the ride from beginning to end sees the ride play with your expectations and you’re never quite sure where the queue ends and the ride begins… or even ends. VRFocus tried out the ride at its launch, but found that it failed to “push the right buttons”. Now, newly remodelled to make it even more scary, it’s Nina’s turn to face the underground terrors. What does she make of the new Rise Of The Demon update?

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