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Facebook Spaces header

VRTV Goes Social with Facebook Spaces

Nina tests the beta social app with varying success.

Last week Facebook held its 10th annual F8 developer conference where the company makes most of its major announcements. There was a big focus on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and AI, with one of the big reveals being Facebook Spaces, a dedicated VR social app for Oculus Rift and Touch. VRFocus attended the event and VRTV’s Nina got to try the app first hand.

Facebook Spaces is still in early beta, with the announcement being followed by the app’s launch for users to play with. As Nina found out, this initial version still has a long way to go until its can be considered fully stable.

Even though she was at Facebook not everything went according to plan in the demo, with the PC needing several restarts due to software crashes, sound dropping out and several other issues. When things were working Nina managed to create an avatar and start experimenting with some of the features like contacting people with Facebook Messenger. This again was fraught with complications.

Checkout the video below to see what Nina’s thought’s were on this whole process and whether it’s truly the future Facebook imagines it to be. As always come back to VRFocus everyday for a slice of the latest VR news from around the world.

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