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VRTV: Swimming Through Outer Space in Lone Echo

How does Nina rate the space adventure story that is coming to Oculus Touch?

VRFocus correspondent Nina examines Ready At Dawn Studio’s upcoming title Lone Echo and gives her verdict.

Lone Echo was created as a way for the developers to try and work through the problems with motion inherent in the virtual reality (VR) medium without resorting to teleporting. As a result, movement within Lone Echo involves floating through space in a way much like swimming. It is possible to use objects and walls to push off and swing around for an active, athletic experience that minimises motion sickness symptoms.

The experience puts the player in the role of an artificially intelligent robot called Jack whose job is to assist the humans during space travel. Jack comes equipped with a small wrist laser for cutting metal, and small propulsion systems to move through space.

Co-op and multiplayer is available, and the developers say that body language will enable players to recognise their friends.

Lone Echo is coming to Oculus Rift with Touch.

You can watch the full review video below.

VRFocus will bring you another episode of VRTV next week.

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