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Watch VRFocus Play Karnage Chronicles on HTC Vive

VRFocus gets hands-on with both the Archer and Warriors classes in Karnage Chronicles.

Nordic Trolls’ highly anticipated Karnage Chronicles made its public debut earlier this week with the launch of the Steam Early Access version on HTC Vive. Keen to jump into any and every new videogame in virtual reality (VR), VRFocus has been hands-on with this latest edition and now brings you three unique gameplay videos.

Karnage Chronicles Screenshot

A tutorial section and both Warrior and Archer classes are showcased in the videos below, direct from VRFocus’ hands-on with the Steam Early Access version of Karnage Chronicles. VRFocus had already been hands-on with the video at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), San Francisco, earlier this year, with Video Content Producer Nina getting her blades bloody and a preview in which it was stated; “Karnage Chronicles is more about the pacing of the adventure than choosing your own, which is a fair interpretation of the exploration-heavy style of RPG given the relative youth of VR as a medium.”

The three gameplay videos are embedded below for your convenience, and Karnage Chronicles can now be purchased for HTC Vive via Steam Early Access.


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